Some phones allow you to simply record audio with the built in microphone and then set the captured sound as a ringtone. If you just want to customize your phone with a you can do this also. You could record your own voice, your children's voices or that of your dog or barking dog and download that to your phone as a ringtone to suit your personality. The sounds that are stored into your phone memory are only exclusive to your phone and they can be changed at any time. If you have the internet and a memory card that can be downloaded from a friend's computer you can download anything and everything.

It is so easy to download ringtones that some people prefer to do it themselves. You can create your own ringtone and save it to your cell phone. This way you know it will always be there and you can change it at any time. If you have a lot of money to spend on a ringtone then you can have your company sign up to be allowed to download ringer id's directly to your cell phone so that you are constantly in touch with all the music.